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Day 7 of Creation
$ 790 USD

All prints are limited edition of just 18 pieces, artist embellished giclee.
A certificate of authenticity will be provided with each art piece.

Paper: Fine Art Cold Press Bright 305 GSM. 19 mil
Archival acid free Museum Quality.
Canvas: Exhibition Canvas Matte
UV satin varnished

Want the original piece?
Specification of the Original

Size: 19x24”

Material: ink, pastel on paper

Year: 2014

See how the art looks on your wall.

Please take your cell phone close to the wall that you would like to see this art on and hold it steady. You can expand the art size to see it in real depth and scale. Please note images may be darker than the actual original artpiece.


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Symbolism in the 7th Day – Shabbat

  1. Two lights represent the lights of Shabbos
  2. The artist shows the universe and bands of light and color to represent the ever expanding universe
  3. The color of Purple has a double meaning in this picture. A) In Judaism (in Robes and Ribbons) it is representative of the adornment of wisdom. Here the artist uses this color to show the expansion of wisdom as well for humanity. B) The color purple is also a mix of blue and red. Red often used to symbolize women as the color of blood (menstruation) and blue used often to symbolize men as the color of the single string on the Tallit, together they make purple, which is a reminder of men and women exist separately yet still are part of one and together create a new color and also new life.
  4. The color Green is used here to represent fresh new life and vegetation of the earth as it reaches out across the globe becoming ever more lush and nourishing.
  5. Below is a funnel like a black hole representing the universal law of action and equal reaction as the universe expands there is a place where it is a collapsing (ie black hole and white hole)
  6. 18 is the minutes before Sundown when the Shabbos candles are to be lit
  7. 18 is also Chai and on this day of Shabbat that we celebrate life
  8. The pointer at the top is pointing towards the number 1 which stands for G-d, it is unity, divinity and wholeness.
  9. The number one is also indicative of the first Shabbos
  10. The pointer falls in between the numbers 3 and 4. This represents the movement between day 3 and day 4 when the Sun is created and there is now a reference point for the movement of time through seasons instead of just day and night.
  11. The number 3 signifies completeness and stability –Earth’s creation is complete and in this state
  12. The number 4 represents measuring, beneficence and intelligence. In the Kabbalah four is memory, four are the worlds of Kabbalah as well as the four directions of space as and the four hierarchical organism of the Torah.
  13. The number cluster of 3 plus 1 signifies the fulfillment of G-d’s plans
  14. The numbers six and seven with the pointer between symbolizes the passing from the evening of the sixth day into the beginning of the 7th day and there we see the sun setting (or rising) in between.
  15. The number 6 signifies the number of points of the Star of David.
  16. The number 7 is one of the greatest power numbers in Judaism, representing creation, good fortune and blessing. The Hebrew word for luck (Gad) equals seven in Gematria. The first verse of the Torah is 7 words long

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