Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D objects

This particular collection of art creations —”Eco-friendly”– in the style known as “Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D” is based on recycling, and an idea of giving old products, objects and materials a new appreciation, new colors, and a new life. This collection showcases the unlimited array of what’s artistically possible, with a vision and commitment from the artist to help make the world better for all its inhabitants.

Please note that any uneven parts, scratches, and/or any other seeming imperfections observed are not to be considered as damaged as they are deliberately left as part of the story of the previous life of the object. Rather, they are what contribute to the unique shape, design, originality and overall beautiful characteristics of the energies and life that the object already had and is now transformed, reborn into a new design as

“Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D”

objects to support “Eco Friendly approach to life.

Shipping will be extra for all 3D images and is not included. Costs vary based on weight, dimensions and location.

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