My Art-style is called “Omni Vortex in Ven©tor” which means Omni-versal possibilities of dimensions and Universes which are the Vortex created by the power of our thoughts and is based on advanced awareness and energies as described in metaphysics, quantum physics and Vector geometry. This specific mathematical structure contains geometrical applications which represent the magnitude of energy hidden inside as a message showing both speed and direction simultaneously, even when there is a mathematical and unlimited non-linear approach to it.

“Omni Vortex in Vector” is a Chromo-matrix vibrational world which is expressed as high energy based on dots, lines, and colors as in a high frequency nonlinear energetic artwork. This is then created from the Omniverse through my translation into a visual form based on my study of Metaphysical, Keylontic sciences, Sacred geometry, Chromo-therapy, Numerology and Quantum physics. It serves as a visual teaching and healing tool to help reconnect your body, mind and soul.

The vibrational perspective is meant to create stories and travel into worlds of energy beyond what we call “Reality“. Based on geometry and mathematics it allows the viewer to open a newer deeper connection with the Omni-verse.

Connection to source and growth after being exposed to my creation is a happy side effect! This vision allows our personal consciousness to expand, learn with each other and co-create a better world. To realize the limitless power of vibrational frequency produced not only by our brain and thoughts.

Art creation?

I always call it creation or design, why not artwork? Because it is not a work, it is a creation.

A manifestation of vibrations.

Art creation as energy:

It is far beyond our possibility to even imagine how big the impact of the energy that we put into something is. Think about it! Feel it! white pieces of canvas, paper, wood etc. and just from the frequency, the vibration, the thought and our ability it transforms into a physical visual message and creation. It shows how much we are capable of, and how much energy is in the creation process that is stored in every art creation, in every object you can see or touch.

Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D objects

This particular collection of art creations —”Eco-friendly”– in the style known as “Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D” is based on recycling, and an idea of giving old products, objects and materials a new appreciation, new colors, and a new life. This collection showcases the unlimited array of what’s artistically possible, with a vision and commitment from the artist to help make the world better for all its inhabitants.

Please note that any uneven parts, scratches, and/or any other seeming imperfections observed are not to be considered as damaged as they are deliberately left as part of the story of the previous life of the object. Rather, they are what contribute to the unique shape, design, originality and overall beautiful characteristics of the energies and life that the object already had and is now transformed, reborn into a new design as “Morphic-vibrational matrix 3D” object to support “Eco Friendly approach to life.

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