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Day 2 of Creation
$ 790 USD

All prints are limited edition of just 18 pieces, artist embellished giclee.
A certificate of authenticity will be provided with each art piece.

Paper: Fine Art Cold Press Bright 305 GSM. 19 mil
Archival acid free Museum Quality.
Canvas: Exhibition Canvas Matte
UV satin varnished

Want the original piece?
Specification of the Original

Size: 19x24”

Material: ink, pastel on paper

Year: 2014

See how the art looks on your wall.

Please take your cell phone close to the wall that you would like to see this art on and hold it steady. You can expand the art size to see it in real depth and scale. Please note images may be darker than the actual original artpiece.


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Symbolism in the 2nd day

  1. And G-d said, "Let there be an expanse in the midst of the water, and let it be a separation between water and water."
  2. The artist represents the separation of water and water through a process of nature in which  the water molecules are bonded and separated, illustrating G-d’s ability to create, but always through a natural and developmental process. Everything is created following a beautiful progression with G-d as the catalyst and hand that guides.  
  3. The image further represents the separation of water via Photocatalytic water splitting. This is the processes of photosynthesis in which photocatalysis in a photoelectrochemical cell is used for the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen – any natural light, sun or otherwise can be used to facilitate this process.
  4. The Egg of Life is the name given to the second iteration in the process of construction of the Flower of Life (the second iteration on the second day). The shape of the egg of life is said also to be the multi-cellular embryo in its first hours of creation. Here we see this same symbol being used as the depiction of the first hours  () of the creation of water– the giver of all life.
  1. Although the sun has not yet been created on the second day, we do see a yellow sphere which one might think is the sun. Here this is the artist’s representation of the energy which is used and released through this process of creation and separation. We see that energy can neither be converted nor destroyed just transferred. This further illustrates the G-d is creating the world and at the same time the laws of the universe.
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