Mono-chromomatrix:  Black and white

Vibrational art creation, a thought, art described as black and white and colored are two different groups, are Black and white not colors? see the beauty in the deepness of the lines.

Omni-vortex art creations is a symphony of lines, white color as a blank space, giving us the unlimited possibilities of creation, separated with black lines, that creates a world that will be without the thoughts and co-creation, hidden from the eyes of the observer.

Exploration of the deep unlimited possibilities of your experience, before it’s gone - all the changes, constant movement, reshaping of everything around us and inside of us. As the Universe is created and expanding, our awareness and thoughts are also reshaping and extending.

It is the transformation in two dimensions, as the black color transforms the white to a living environment so that the white enhances the beauty and brightness.

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