About Dr. Erik Kucera

Erik is a visionary designer, metaphysical artist and the creator of “InVen(c)tor” Art. He has been in the art industry for over 20 years and has exhibited in over 200 shows in the US and Europe. He has successfully commissioned large art projects for different big organizations including museums and schools. His art is based on advanced awareness and energies from metaphysics, quantum physics and vector geometry.

In his own words

I see myself as a co-creator who materializes the messages that I receive as a transmitter and inventor tuned into the unlimited source of information and energy. The question is, am I painting it? Creating it? Or am I the physical device programmed and guided to create it? And create it in the way that it is possible, in my highest state of mind, with my knowledge and skills to deliver a message to others. The observer will find a deeper meaning and frequential resonance with it.

My work is deeply influenced by eastern philosophies; the study of metaphysical science, quantum physics, behavioral kinesiology and morphic resonance of transcending the level of consciousness. Everything is about energy and vibrations, shapes, lines, colors and each has a message. In our life there is always more to the story than what we are experiencing right now. The same is with my channeled creations, “we need to be open to understand and connect the dots, to see the deeper picture”.

Few lines about my history, I was surrounded with art and creativity from an early age and when I was 14, I started my education as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. My true passion for painting started a few years later when I was still living in Europe. My initial artwork was always black and white ink on paper, maybe some pencil. With time my interest changed and grew so much that I found my passion not only in the visual arts field and drawing but had the desire for painting and sculpting. I have exhibited in several art shows and have commissioned artwork for different indoor and outdoor projects for large organizations.

Art is a major part of my life. In addition I am a doctor of Energy Modalities and a brain fitness coach. I was closely connected with nature and the path of healthy life, natural healing and energy unfolded by themselves. So I currently paint and help people with a non- linear healing process and approach to life to find balance, health and happiness again. You can visit my healing website: www.aionveda.com for more information

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