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From the womb to the tomb
$ 900 USD

All prints are limited edition of just 18 pieces, artist embellished giclee.
A certificate of authenticity will be provided with each art piece.

Paper: Fine Art Cold Press Bright 305 GSM. 19 mil
Archival acid free Museum Quality.
Canvas: Exhibition Canvas Matte
UV satin varnished

Want the original piece?
Specification of the Original

Size: 48X60"

Material: Acrylic, ink and oil on canvas

Year: 2014

See how the art looks on your wall.

Please take your cell phone close to the wall that you would like to see this art on and hold it steady. You can expand the art size to see it in real depth and scale. Please note images may be darker than the actual original artpiece.


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And when I woke up one day, the name was in my mind, “Shamati” (translated as I heard). I never questioned this name, it was there for a reason.  To explain the story that unfolds, I call it differently “from the womb to the tomb”.

„I will not die, rather live”. We need to, to find our path to the wisdom or infinite truth. How? We are not really living without knowing the truth. We are not living without knowing and understanding.  Understanding the desire to find out what life has to give and teach. We are not living up the infinite kindness, compassion, love, that we like to preach. Who are we? Most don’t even know, fearing to live and to die, the whole life being in the unknown.

Illusion to understand that we lived our life, not knowing, not aware that the truth must be found. Who we are, where to go and being infinite is inside of us. Dying is living and we are here to learn and experience, not knowing that the creatures from the stars are part of us.

The same chemical content in the stars and Earth it is in us. We are aliens living in this life, dreaming? What is happening inside and around us? When you feel betrayed, you are ready to find the way, the path to strain for knowledge and with gaining you are enjoying the true life, without attachments to physical that is an illusion, delusion of your mind. We are unique, every moment changing conscious energy, a part of a bigger mind. A seed that was planted to fulfill and share the emotion and knowledge, the energy to give. We are here trapped, not understanding how to live.

Onaa-Mevit (Illusion -understand) there will change, there will gain the Truth that will unlock the knowledge how to live and forever change.  So long that you don’t see the Illusion you cannot see and walk the path of infinite knowledge, the path going to the creator through the heart and not the analytic mind. “Amitai” (worthy) knowing the Emet (truth).

In the middle of the “Shamati” we see the eye of the creator, the eye of Us. Which looks over all and sees what is around us, as well as what lies within our hearts. From the center of the eye as a seed from which the Universe grows, it is the door, the window how to enter our soul. Seed as the reminder that eternal is the life we live.  As from the seeds grows another life and from that life more energy and Universes grows, more consciousness powering these worlds far beyond we imagine and ever will know.  

The eye is growing from a tree that has the roots, as the little lines and veins in our brain, as the mind that powers it, gets the energy from it. We are a part of it, of the “goddess eye” what do we see? How do we act, create and judge? We are playing the creator - the god, every day, every moment not thinking more of what is behind…  How to bring forth life and knowledge to all that can benefit from its growth? The color around the eye is purple to bring together the joining of man and woman (man as blue and woman as red) as they are both needed to find balance and perpetuate life. Green and purple as a connection of extraterrestrial and human form connected in one. The light on the left side is representative of the “The bringer of enlightenment” to human’s life.

When I look at myself as a healer, and spiritual adviser, each art creation shows what’s coming to my mind. Who am I? a co-creator and helper of the bigger mind. Shines a light upon all that is dark to help them better understand its meaning and how to bring these concepts into every day’s life.

Black hole or vortex symbolizing the cycle of life, birth, death and rebirth that we are part of and happens every moment in this experience of physical life. The black hole is near us and exists in our universe, but thank the Creator far enough away, we can choose to co-create or to destroy the goodness and goodness with the powers within us given by the Universe.

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