How much do you pay attention to how you feel? what makes you move, smile, sad or just flow and dance with the energies flowing around? We all are energy. Everything has a vibrational frequency, if its a plant, water, human, everything. it is all about how open you are to discover the deeper meaning in this fascinating Universe.

Are you ready and open to listen?

This is a popular trilogy and had a large order from a music school in West Palm, the picture

When we look at the first picture of the trilogy, everything starts with a thought as a vibration that creates from a song a musical instrument, a player, orchestra, the whole world. Planet earth vibrates at 8 HZ, same as our brain. Our environment is at 432 Hz and tuning to it has healing and calming powers (Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi) as shown in the first picture.

When you look at the second picture you can see that music is going through your heart - in red and blue like artery and veins. Music energy influences the body in a very strong way. Everything is vibrating and moving. The same way as music can energize, calm and heal us, the same way with the wrong attunement or incorrect kind of music can have ill effects on our body. This picture has many hidden elements and is a story by itself. Just follow your intuition and imagination to find the meaning in it. In the middle is a magic eye - in the old radios was a green light that had to light up to get the radio to work. There was a mechanical dial that had to be tuned in - same as us, we need to attune ourselves to the right frequency. Music is full of colors as shown by the colorful keyboard and it goes through our heart.

The third painting continues to have deep symbolism. The vibration of the rainbow is pointing to the another galaxy in space.The hidden 703 number is based on extraterrestrial soul coming from another galaxy. As we create music instruments to express our creativity and emotions, we are the same - an instrument of the Universe to vibrate - play the song of love and unity. A similar thought pattern continues with the third picture. Everything starts with a thought, it is a vibration that creates from a song a music instrument, a player, orchestra, whole world . All is about symbiotic frequency that interfere and influence each other on a level that can rise the positive attitude or decline. We hear what we want, we hear what we are attuned to hear and understand.

Music as a positive vibration is a universal language that breaks barriers and reunites us as one Uni-verse, one song. In all the three paintings different colors and pattern represent different cultures all together as one art creation, as one Uni-verse.

Dr. Erik Kucera

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