The beauty of Black and White. My comeback to Black and White art creation, and the philosophy behind.

“Transformation- It is Singing to me” is the transformation in two dimensions, as the black color transforms the white to a living environment, so the white enhances the beauty and brightness. Both are merging together and co-creating the dimension where the dark is the background and the white the surface, even though white was the surface and just a thin black line separated it.

This piece of creation sung to me as a vision from the Universe guiding my feelings through the hand as an impulse to create this play of shapes, lines, merges of co-existence and deep beauty that never stops to change and let you look and feel deeper and deeper. The space that never ends like the Universe that transforms and re-shapes.

The beauty is in the unknown, in the discovery of the possibilities that we see as we are transforming and awakening our minds to other dimensions and possibilities. It is like watching the sky or the ocean, it is the same medium, just the form and visual perception change each moment of our observation, the constant-transformation and motion.

All that I create is filled with meaning and symbolism and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with you. Ultimately, it is one of the paths to connect with the higher and to learn and grow, to discover another way of looking at life and to see a new reality.

My passion is to open and share new worlds and new realities for people through my art in order for them to connect with the Universe, each other and their higher self. Through this awakening we can all work together to improve this world and Life in a grander way...

Dr. Erik Kucera

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