Is Creation the energy of just one thought? Or a symphony of vibrations powering and guiding your whole body?

It is a very long title, but when you put the energy into it, to just think and feel it, you will understand. When I was creating this work, it was the energy that emerged from the space, from the source to guide my hand. The perception and possibility to see the hidden in the white piece of canvas that will be later transform on multiple level to a world of movement, depth and stories hidden deep inside.

Each creation has its own story and vibrational value, I wrote a short description to share my story and philosophy behind this work.

“433 Dancing Energy” a wake up call to explore the deep unlimited possibilities of your experience, before it’s gone - all the changes, constant movement, reshaping of everything around us and inside of us. Look deep and let go and get lost in the questions, lines and shapes. As the Universe is created and expanding, our awareness and thoughts are also reshaping and extending. This work is a symphony of lines, white color as a blank space, giving us the unlimited possibilities of creation, separated with black lines, that creates a world that will be without the thoughts and co-creation, hidden from the eyes of the observer.Everything is there, even when we cannot see it. It is our awareness and and ability to perceive the other dimensions and worlds that are co-existing in the same moment in and around us and we are a part it. The interference pattern and shapes let us see the deep world hidden in the white color, the movement of the lines is the living environment, the never ending possibility to see and find another world in it, seeing it in another moment or time. it is never the same picture.

Dr. Erik Kucera

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